The importance of training your staff

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By Lucien Moons, international business development consultant
18 May 2011

Companies should provide training to meet a number of goals

Many companies constantly train their staff, but the question that comes to mind is: why is training your staff important? A business is not just a mass of people coming together to work on a daily basis, it is a team or a unit that works together in order to achieve a collective goal and ultimately generate profits for the business. That is precisely why it is important to train your staff adequately.

There are many benefits one can obtain by investing in proper staff training, number one being efficiency. A well trained staff will help reduce the risks of potential mishaps within the business, and it will condition the employee to give his or her best in any given task. Every business has its own culture and way of doing things, and when a new employee enters the so-called 'corporate family' it is vital to instruct your employee on the know-how of the business and how it operates.

When training your staff you are investing in the overall moral of the employee, meaning that he or she will feel that they belong within the business, and that the business is interested in their involvement. This will create a sense of loyalty for the employee, which means that the staff will give their absolute best in order to secure the success of the business and in turn secure their position within the business. This loyalty will also inspire the employee to climb the corporate ladder within the company, and thus will invest into more training on his or her own behalf.

Within the printing sector there can be many fields that can be covered, such as training in the disposal of hazardous materials. Such a topic cannot be overlooked and when people are in contact with dangerous materials, the proper training is definitely required. There are many fields of training within the printing industry for all levels of employees. Supervisors can be trained in ergonomics and workstation improvement in order to create an ideal environment for achieving the maximum potential of each employee. Also, training in personal equipment safety could reduce injuries in the long term and in turn will lower the costs of the entire operation.

Taking the time to invest in proper training for your staff on all levels can only benefit your business as a whole. It is essential to have a standardised protocol when hiring new staff to orientate them on the entire dynamics of the business. Later on, programmes to improve your staff's overall performance is also highly recommended, since a paradigm of continual growth is the key to a successful business.

In the end your company can only benefit from adequately training your staff. At the time it could be seen as a major expense, but it should be seen as a massive investment in the overall quality of the performance of your business.

Lucien Moons is an international business development consultant based in Brussels.

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