100 and counting: the Verdigris blog

By Laurel Brunner

Laurel Brunner looks back on two years of Verdigris blogs, and examines what trade shows need to do to remain environmentally relevant.

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Could PowaTag revolutionise out-of-home?

By Ben McCabe

Recently described by Forbes as 'technology that could eat Amazon's lunch', could PowaTag prove a boon to OOH as well? Ben McCabe considers its future.

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Five signs that 3D printing is growing

By Ben McCabe

Enthusiasm is surrounding the 3D printing industry, and the business and manufacturing worlds are taking notice, says Steve Erickson.

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Printing Wikipedia Would Take 1 Million Pages, But That's Sort Of The Point

From: www.npr.org

1 million pages and 80 metres of shelf, would it be worth it?

3D printing: Everything you need to know and when it'll be affordable

From: www.pocket-lint.com

If you can't wait any longer to buy a 3D printer, read this first, then make a purchase!

Car tax disc to be axed after 93 years

From: www.bbc.co.uk

Another piece of print is coming to the end of its years.

Newsweek makes its print return this week in the US and, soon, in Europe

From: www.theguardian.com

Appartently, "a premium product, a boutique product" will be Newsweek's key to revenue .

Print or Digital: It All Has Environmental Impact

From: www.huffingtonpost.com

Should you be reading print or digital?




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