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Durst demonstrates new glass printing technique

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Written on 05/10/2010 | Posted 7 years 2 months 12 days ago

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Durst demonstrated its glass printing process at Glasstec Durst demonstrated its glass printing process at Glasstec

Digital ink-jet manufacturer Durst was among the exhibitors at the recent Glasstec 2010 trade fair, where it demonstrated 'a new way' of decorating glass.

Durst used its Rho 700 flat-bed printer with its Sol-Gel ink to produce effects on glass, suitable for interior design applications and temporary outdoor signs. 

Durst explains that Sol-Gel ink forms a chemical bond with the glass after heating to 200˚C, providing 'unique resistance characteristics'. These include resistance to water, with no loss in adhesion or colour change and no blistering or embrittlement after immersion in water at room temperature for 72 hours, and after immersion at 65˚C for 30 minutes. 

Tests have also shown humidity resistance, with samples exposed at 40˚C to 100 percent relative humidity for 100 hours showing no delamination or blistering, and resistance to chemicals including alcohols, glass cleaning agents, commercial bath and shower cleaners and acids. Weathering resistance was also recorded.

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