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BannerXpress finds success with airport banner printing kiosk

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Morwenna Kearns

Written on 08/12/2011 | Posted 6 years 9 days ago

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The first BannerXpress machine is located in Schiphol Airport The first BannerXpress machine is located in Schiphol Airport

Dutch company BannerXpress says it is looking forward to installing more self-service banner printing kiosks in airports and stadiums following a successful deployment of its first machine at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam six weeks ago.

The kiosk, also called BannerXpress, enables airport users to choose a size – 40cm, 1.3m or 3m – and background for their banner and write text via a touchscreen. The machine then prints out the banner on a canvas material in around 90 seconds for the 1.3m option, which costs €9.95 (£8.50).

Thibaud Bruna, who began developing the kiosk with co-founder Olivier Janssen three years ago, explains to Output that Janssen came up with the idea after seeing people at Schiphol Airport with 'welcome home' banners made from bed sheets and paint.

He adds that while many users of the BannerXpress machine do produce 'welcome home' banners and name signs for drivers collecting passengers, since news of its installation has spread people are seeking it out to print banners for parties and sports games.

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