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Zurich Airport chooses C-nario for 100-screen network

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Written on 15/09/2011 | Posted 6 years 3 months 2 days ago

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The digital signage has been deployed throughout Terminal 1 in Zurich Airport The digital signage has been deployed throughout Terminal 1 in Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport in Switzerland has installed a new digital signage network at its main terminal, which shows flight information and advertisements, as well as live sports events in the airport's Sports Bar. The software platform chosen was C-nario Messenger, which manages the 109 screens in the departure and arrival areas.

The network includes 34 synchronised screens at baggage claim, standalone displays, videowalls, collages and Ad-e-motion, 'a unique digital advertising medium' developed by Clear Channel made up of seven 56" (1.42m) high-definition LCD screens. These are positioned in a row to create a perspective axis, C-nario explains, that displays coordinated and synchronised adverts.

"C-nario Messenger has become the solution of choice for a growing number of airports world-wide," says Tamir Ginat, C-nario's chief executive. "Zurich Airport is a main global aviation hub and the fact that our solution has been selected as the display platform that serves the airport authorities, advertisers and passengers, is testament to its superb quality."

Zurich Airport's technical department controls the network while its media manager and Clear Channel together operate the displays. C-nario partner SDI/D!ME provides technical support to the deployment. 

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