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Merseyrail chooses Dynamax to power internal communications

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Written on 20/04/2012 | Posted 5 years 9 months 3 days ago

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Cloud-based relays corporate information across Merseyrail's display network Cloud-based relays corporate information across Merseyrail's display network

Liverpool-based train operator Merseyrail has implemented Dynamax's software to manage corporate communications across its five sites including Rail House, Birkenhead North, Wirral and Ellesmere Port.

Utilising its 20 existing displays, Merseyrail is using the cloud-based solution to display important company information from self-updating web pages within the software as well as national train service efficiency statistics.

"As a forward-looking company for which timely communications are of utmost importance, we’ve always employed digital channels to disseminate real-time information across our sites," comments Thomas Philips, business analyst at Merseyrail. "As the system we had in place was limiting the types of messages we could communicate and started to become redundant, we looked for potential ways to upgrade it. Dynamax’s seemed a simple solution that could be deployed over our existing IT hardware infrastructure."

Howard Smith, director of Dynamax, adds: "It is always a pleasure to see innovation in this type of environment, as today’s employees expect that technology will not only help them do their jobs easier but will also enable them to communicate faster. We were pleased to be selected by Merseyrail and play a part in the launch of their new company-wide communication project."

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