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C-nario digital signage software creates 'informational spaces' in Moscow

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Written on 31/03/2011 | Posted 6 years 9 months 20 days ago

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The One Window project intends to improve services for Moscow's residents The One Window project intends to improve services for Moscow's residents

C-nario has announced its C-nario Messenger digital signage software is being integrated into an ongoing project to turn Moscow's public buildings into 'information spaces'.

The One Window scheme, due to finish next year, covers service centres in the Russian capital's ten administrative regions and seeks to improve citizen services though digital signage networks. AV solutions provider Avilex is using the C-nario Messenger software to integrate the networks with systems for queuing, fire alarms and local volume control. The software also connects the network to a help desk via touch panel interfaces, and allows administrators to display local news using Messenger's Local Web Editor.

In addition, the Mitsubishi Electric screens display information regarding municipal and regional services and processes, including public hearings, seminars, property issues and provision of documents. Details of Moscow's development plans and public projects are also provided.

"The digital signage networks turn Moscow's service centres into an informational space, helping the authorities to serve citizens and the business community better and in a more efficient manner," says Tamir Ginat, chief executive, C-nario. "It changes the concept of public service and makes the time a citizen spends in the public centres more efficient and pleasant."

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