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Aston Villa pitches to shoppers with digital screens

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Written on 20/01/2011 | Posted 7 years ago

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Aston Villa's new signage is tempting shoppers on busy New Street Aston Villa's new signage is tempting shoppers on busy New Street

The main official merchandise shop of Birmingham football team Aston Villa now features digital displays from Resus Digital Signage, it has been announced.

Two totem screens have been installed in the windows of the shop – located in the busy shopping area of New Street in the city centre – where they are enticing customers inside, according to the football club.

"As soon as we started installing the screens they were grabbing attention and have continued to do so ever since," says a representative. "The quality of the images is excellent and have the desired effect of drawing customers into the store and buying more products. An excellent addition to our ability to advertise and promote products to our loyal fan base."

The screens show self-promotional products and games, Resus Digital Signage explains. The UK-based company is a provider of hardware, content and installation, and promotes digital signage to a number of industries.

"From our initial meetings through to delivery of the screens to the store the whole process with Resus was very efficient and professional," Aston Villa adds.

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