Navori updates Android line with 4K media player

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Written on 28/01/2016 | Posted 1 year 10 months 19 days ago

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The QL Stix 3500 is designed to fit in tight spaces The QL Stix 3500 is designed to fit in tight spaces

Navori has introduced a new version of its dongle-style plug-and-play media player in the run-up to ISE 2016.

The QL Stix 3500 comes with 16GB of data storage as standard, although users may choose to increase this to 32GB. As well as offering wifi and ethernet connectivity so that it can be used as part of a network, the device incorporates Navori's TeamViewer software. This remote access tool allows several users to access the CMS and update content without needing to be in the same location as the player.

Support for 4K content and multi-video rendering is included in the QL Stix 3500, as well as the ability to layer, zone and add transparency. While it runs on Android, like its predecessor, it offers the same content playout options as its Windows-based products.

The main benefit of the updated Android player comes in the purchase costs, with Navori stating that it is a fifth of the price of its standard media players. Additionally, its small footprint means that it can be used in applications where operating space is limited.

"The Android operating system has all the characteristics required for digital signage networks," claims Jerome Moeri, chief executive at Navori Labs. "It's a powerful and stable operating system that is easier to deploy and maintain than Windows, and does not require specific technical knowledge for users. Navori Labs further simplifies this with a plug-and-play design that can easily be installed by an end user or non-IT personnel."

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