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Advertisers should #lookup to British Airways's DOOH storm

Advertisers should #lookup to British Airways's DOOH stormFEATURE: British Airway's #lookup campaign proved one of the advertising talking points of 2013. Will Thompson finds out how they did it.

Wallflower installs digital signage for Burger King

Wallflower installs digital signage for Burger King

NEWS: A Wallflower-based digital signage system has been installed at an outlet of Burger King in New Zealand, with displays both inside the outlet and at the drive-through.

Ocean Outdoor introduces full motion to Manchester DOOH screen

Ocean Outdoor introduces full motion to Manchester DOOH screen

NEWS: Ocean Outdoor has introduced full motion to its double-sided digital display in Manchester.

Onelan and Eclipse Digital make maps interactive at Marwell Zoo

NEWS: Onelan reseller Eclipse Digital has installed an outdoor interactive map at Marwell Zoo, using a Net-Top-Box 660 and CMS 100 from the digital signage provider to promote visitor engagement.

Nomadix helps Acer promote new tablet at Paddington station

NEWS: Nomadix Media has used Paddington station to advertise the latest Acer products by feeding live pictures of game-play to screens.


Screens in the Wild

Geny Caloisi looks at Screens in the Wild, an investigation into how media screens located in urban space can be designed to benefit public life

Hyper definition: 4K screens in DOOH

'4K is passé. Now we need 8K', or so they argue in the cinema and AV environment – but how does this compare to the DOOH industry?

Gamification: it's not just child's play

Companies want big data and gamification is one way of enabling this, argues Geny Caloisi.

Map or wrap? Making a canvas of your building

James Matthews-Paul looks at how projection mapping is muscling in on building wraps, and whether it has a long-term future.

Your face rings a bell: the 'dark art' of facial recognition software

We shouldn't be so concerned about new innovation in facial recognition for DOOH applications, says Geny Caloisi; it can actually provide key data while maintaining privacy.


More interactive, more pertinent: Monster Media's recipe for success


Awards entry season: prizes that celebrate the best of DOOH


The debutant steps out: European Sign Expo preview


'A daily wonder experience': Trinity Leeds




Intevi: using digital signage to gather sales information

Geny Caloisi talks to Intevi's founder Adam Wilson about its new Interactive Retail Unit (iRU).

Tapping into shoppers' emotions

The world of retail is changing rapidly. Geny Caloisi looks at customer emotion and behavioural economics in in-store advertising.

Should digital out-of-home be treated as a discipline in its own right?

There’s currently a real buzz around the out-of-home (OOH) sector, and it’s easy to see why, according to Matt Gordon, co-founder of Limited Space.